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Give us a rough idea on total revenue*

Ex: I own a company called Supernatural, it makes healthy soda! We're competing against an incumbent Zevia who does $120m sales and has $500m in market cap yet tastes horrible (widely known) and they're very unfocused in seltzers, waters, energy drinks etc.

There are the 'prebiotic sodas' but there are no healthy soda's that TRULY tastes like soda just playing in the better-for-you space.

The sugar-free soda market is DOUBLING from 2020 to 2030, from $125b to $250b.

We have solid early traction national distribution, a team with great f&b background and exits that conveys credibility.

Your pitch will be your own, your strengths too! We just wanted to give one example.

Amount of capital seeking*

All of our fees are deferred until after closing, but in order to get you ready for a capital raise we need a VERY good pitch deck, 3 year financial model, GTM, use of funds, various graphics produced, etc. which costs $15k with our various partners we use - again we make ZERO dollars on these. You own all of these upon completion.

Even if you have some of these, in 80% or more cases our partners need to rework them (it's not that they are bad, it's just there's a certain language investors speak and we want to be able to convey that directly.)

PS: Through the course of the raise in software and assistants - we will spend ~18k that we 'risk' - so we're not asking someone to risk, without ourselves doing the same not including all of our time. If we didn't believe in your raise, we would not do it.

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